My Ayurveda Story

How my story began

My journey with Ayurveda began with a trip to India. I had traveled to India to complete a Yoga Teacher Training. While there, I stumbled upon a Ayurvedic clinic while walking through Rishikesh. I was immediately drawn in. 

Since that moment the medicine and wisdom has  transformed my life.

I participated in Pancha Karma therapy, a deep internal detoxification. I was in my twenties at the time, struggling with chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue and never-ending mental suffering.

I observed as the therapy rid my body of layers of accumulated toxins in my mind and body. For the first time I could remember I looked in the mirror and saw my real self in the reflexion; my acne healing, my eyes cleaning, my muscles relaxing and my mind coming back into a place of ease. 

Since this time of personal transformation I have realized a deep life purpose and passion to bring this type of real healing back to Western world.

Since that time I have completed trainings with the California College of Ayurveda and continue to work under Dr. Sylvia Whelchel of Ayurveda Maui in Maui, HI.